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Integrate Salesforce & Xero Accounting for Invoice generation + a 360 degree view of financials

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Xero for Salesforce

Our custom Xero for Salesforce Integration allows you to hook up your Salesforce org with  Xero Accounting in order to; generate sales invoices, create purchase orders, sync account records & payments, notify account managers when payments go overdue etc.

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Xero for Salesforce Features

Generate Invoices from Salesforce

Once setup generate invoices from Accounts, Opportunities, Orders or custom objects. Following creation in Salesforce a mirror image invoice is populated in Xero Accounting.

Auto Populate Line Items

Sales Invoices can be pre-populated with line items if you are invoicing from Opportunities with Products Line Items set up. Sync Salesforce Products with Xero.

Sync Salesforce Accounts with Xero

Sync the Account records in your Salesforce CRM Org with one or more Xero Contacts in your Accounting system in order to gain a 360 degree view of financials.

View Payments from Salesforce

Once synced Salesforce will be updated with payment records detailed in Xero & will update against the invoice in question. View under-payments, over-payments & non-payments.

Notify Reps of Overdue Invoices

If an invoice goes overdue you can set up notifications to Account Managers or sales reps to chase up the client for payment. Also, highlight accounts with payment issues.

360 Degree view of Financials

Gain a complete financial view of an Account directly from your Salesforce Org. View invoices, payments, credit notes, purchase orders etc directly from your Salesforce org.

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