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The XE for Salesforce Currency Converter App (from Creation Technology) is a must have for any business that manages multi-currency in Salesforce, the world’s number 1 CRM platform.

Either take complete control of multi-currency with rate notifications & manual updates OR simply set up & forget with fully automatic rate updates at 60 second market intervals for over 160 currencies around the world.

XE Currency Converter

Salesforce XE Currency Converter Features

Fully Automatic Currency Updates

The App supports both fully automatic currency updates for Salesforce Standard & Advanced Currency Management as well as manual currency updates.

Up to Date Quoting

Keep Quotes, Opportunities, Orders etc up to date with the latest exchange rates from XE using standard or advanced currency management.

Set Variance Percentages

Where manual currency updates are preferred you can set + or – variance percentages on over 160 currencies worldwide & receive a notification when the variance is reached.

Simple Set Up Process

The process of setting up the App in Salesforce is straightforward & a checklist of actions has been provided. Note – you must have a paid API plan from XE to use this App.

Standard & Advanced Management

The XE Currency Convertor App supports both Standard Currency Management & Advanced Currency Management in Salesforce. Please speak to your Admin before installing.

Currency Audit Logs

Once desired currencies have been added to the App a full audit log of all currency fluctuations will be recorded. This audit log can be emptied periodically if required.

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Paid XE API Plan Required

Please note that the XE Currency Convertor App is a FREE APP from Creation Technology. The App itself is free to install however in order to use it you MUST have a paid API Plan from XE. If you do not have an API Plan you will be unable to setup.

To purchase an API plan from XE please visit their website & contact the sales team. Once you have API credentials you can install our free Salesforce XE Currency Converter app & hook up your account.

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