Salesforce Strategy & Roadmap

Our Salesforce Strategy Team can help you to look at the big picture while also driving tangible business change.

Developing a forward thinking Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy

We get to know our clients on a business level. Taking the time to truly understand not just their current requirements but also future direction means an extendable solution can be developed that not only meets current needs but also considers future growth.

Development Roadmap

Once cloud strategy has been defined & future needs considered it is essential to develop a long term Roadmap. Taking the time to develop a roadmap means that you save time in the long run by releasing features in a way that extends the system effectively.

Rapid PoC Development

Salesforce is the perfect platform from which to develop functionality rapidly in PoC form & play back to the business to get stakeholders & users on board with direction. At Creation we are all about output & believe in delivering functionality, not just talking about it.

Salesforce Strategy

Our Strategy Services are entirely bespoke to the needs of the business we are working with however typically include activities such as; leadership engagement, client workshops, requirement collection & analysis, high level solution design, support for technology procurement decisions, competitor analysis & potentially rapid prototype development to support the decision making process etc.

Project management

Salesforce Roadmap

A Salesforce / Cloud Roadmap can be created once there is clarity over short term & long term direction. Our technical architecture & solution architecture teams will work with the business to develop a suitable roadmap that considers team needs as well as the best order in which to develop & deploy key functionality.

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