Salesforce Health Check

Could your Salesforce Org need a performance review?

What is a Health Check and why would you need it?

What is it?

Everyone & everything needs a check upĀ every now and then, and in this case, it’s your Salesforce Org. A Health Check looks at the functional & technical components of your Org; our highly experienced consultants will complete an assessment of your system, to diagnose and pinpoint issues with your current Salesforce Org.

Who is it for?

A Health Check is for businesses who are currently using Salesforce. You might have been using Salesforce for sometime now, and feel like you maybe aren’t getting quite as much out of it as you had hoped. Or, it is a recent investment & maybe it hasn’t been set up properly.

What will you get out of it?

Hopefully a good idea of what your next steps are to improving your Salesforce Org’s health!

The check up that could change the way you use Salesforce!

Get in touch to learn more.