Salesforce Rapid Prototype Development

We believe that Salesforce Rapid Prototype Development Methodology is the key to a successful large scale Salesforce project.

Salesforce Rapid Prototype Development = Rapid Success

The Problem

Initially, clients do not understand Salesforce however they do understand the business. Developers understand Salesforce however do not understand the business. There is a gap between client expectation & developed functionality. Unless bridged the project will be unsuccessful.

The Solution

Large scale Salesforce projects should kick off with detailed workshops, rapid process design, rapid prototype development & then show and tell sessions with the business. Working in this way helps users to shape the system & allows the developers to face technical challenges early on in a project.

The Benefit

The client understands the perspective of the developer & the developer understands the perspective of the client. Bridging the gap vastly increases the chance that the project is a huge success & truly leads to the meaningful and beneficial change that the client had desired when purchasing Salesforce.

Rapid Development

Workshops are conducted with the business that allow us to quickly define core processes. We look at businesses holistically & consider systems from an end-to-end perspective rather than looking at narrow functionality. Our development team builds our rapid functionality in a Show & Tell Org for playback to the business.


Show & Tell Sessions

Show & Tell Sessions are conducted with the business to playback end-to-end high level functionality. Gaps in functionality are supplemented with slide decks in order to enable users to understand as much of the system as possible. Feedback is taken & end of stage reviews are undertaken before moving onto full system development. Note: Creation develops reusable components rather than ‘throw away’.

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