Salesforce Org Split

Need to split a Salesforce Org into two or more Orgs? If so we can help

Salesforce Org Split Services

What is a Salesforce Org Split?

A Salesforce Org split is required where a customer wants to split a single Salesforce org into two or more separate Salesforce Orgs. The split process can be very complex (depending upon the complexity in the customer’s org) & there are many considerations in relation to functionality & data.

Why do a Salesforce Org Split?

Many companies make decisions on whether to operate single or multi org strategies. Single orgs can become complex if different business processes are contained within them. An org split may be required by a business looking to simplify its structure or where it is part of a group & one company is being sold off.

Our Org Split Services

We are hugely experienced in undertaking Salesforce Org Splits for Enterprise Clients. There are lots of considerations when it comes to org splits, not least in respect of data, which is why we retain an in-house data architect to support clients. For more details of our org split services please submit the form below.


Salesforce Org Merge

The opposite to a Salesforce Org Split is of course a Salesforce Org Merge which is typically considered to be simpler. At Creation we can assist whether you are looking to undertake a Salesforce Org Split or a Salesforce Org merge. Our experienced team can support you step by step through the process, from analysis to design, development, support, documentation etc. For more information please complete the form below or call now on 0044 (0) 208 735 4270.

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