Up until recently, Salesforce had an outdated user interface; it somewhat resembled using the internet in the 90’s… In late 2015, Salesforce released its new interface and (perhaps more importantly), a new way of selling: Salesforce Lightning. At the time of its release, it seemed like a daunting process to make the change, and you could do a lot more with Salesforce Classic than you could with Lightning – so a lot of people didn’t switch over. However since then, Salesforce users have seen Lightning skyrocket past Salesforce Classic, with new features and functionalities that make using Salesforce so much better, all increasing ease of use & productivity.

Changing the way you use something can be intimidating and time consuming. However adopting Salesforce Lightning should not resemble this. Here are 7 features to show that you need to get on board with the Lightning Experience:

  1. New features to change the way you sell: enable faster selling, increase productivity for sales reps, and make better decisions
  2. An all new & improved user interface (UI) and user experience (UX): easy to use, understand & visualise
  3. Better data visualisation: see your data come to life
  4. Opportunity board: Easy to manage and track your sales pipeline, deals on the go, upcoming, closed deals etc. Drag & drop feature from stage to stage
  5. Customisable dashboards: up to 9 columns (from 3)
  6. Hover feature: can hover mouse over a customer/deal and have info pop up – no need to click through to different pages
  7. Activity feed: it allows (not only) sales people to see what’s going on, updates, chatter comments, & what needs to happen next with an account.

The Lightning Experience is re-imagining the way people sell. Try it for yourself!

We would love to hear your thoughts on Salesforce Lightning. Let us know what you think, and if you are wanting to get it set up but not sure how, get in touch!!