Salesforce Health Check

Quick Salesforce Org Analysis – Salesforce Health Check – Paid Analysis & Recommendations

Salesforce Health Check

Are you getting the most out of your Salesforce Investment? Do you want an expert analysis of your functional & technical Salesforce Org setup? If so a Salesforce Health Check may be a good idea.

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Quick Salesforce Org Analysis

Before we undertake a Salesforce Org Health Check we typically have a 1 hour call with a client in which we do a screen share & the client takes us through the setup of the org, pain points, issues etc at a high level. If following the session it is found that a client would benefit from a full Salesforce Health Check we schedule this at a subsequent date & time. In certain situations a paid analysis of the technical customisation may be required.

Full Salesforce Health Check

Our free Salesforce Health Check is a 2-3 hour session in which we analyse & discuss the technical & functional setup of the Salesforce org as well as analyse the clients business & direction of travel. Following the session we may produce a high level recommendation deck which should lead to development in order to fix issues & drive more productive use of Salesforce. For more information complete the web form below.

Paid Analysis & Recommendations

A Salesforce Org Health Check is a free session designed to provide a client with quick analysis & recommendations for improvements. If detailed technical analysis by a Technical Architect or Developer is required then paid services may be necessary, for example in analysis of a Salesforce org which contains a large amount of custom code or integrations. A number of days will be agreed with a client for this service.

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