Salesforce Gift Entry Manager (GEM)

GEM helps Universities to streamline the Donation process

Salesforce Gift Entry Manager (also known as GEM) is designed to help Higher Education Institutions such as Universities streamline the Fundraising / Donation process for Single Gifts & Batch Gifts.

The Gift Entry Manager package sits on top of Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA), otherwise known as Salesforce Education Cloud, and provides additional functionality specifically for Alumni & Advancement teams.

At Creation Technology we were the first Salesforce Consultancy in Europe to implement Salesforce Gift Entry Manager for a large UK University. We are experts in Gift Entry Manager as well as Salesforce Education Cloud & can help if you are looking to implement Alumni & Advancement functionality on top of the Salesforce Platform.

Our expertise includes integrating Salesforce with Payment Service Providers for Credit / Debit Card Payments, Direct Debit & also PayPal.

Salesforce Single Gift Entry

The Salesforce Gift Entry Manager package includes functionality to receive & structure single gifts from either individuals or organisations in a simple way.

The Single Gift Entry UI makes the process of entering & tracking gifts simple. It increases efficiency in the gift processing process & allows users to enter gifts of varying amounts & allocate them to multiple funds (i.e. General Accounting Units).

Single Gift Entry is built for Higher Education & is designed to support Alumni & Advancement teams enter gifts in a unified way & gather donor insights.

Salesforce Batch Gift Entry

Receiving & entering batch gifts from a large group of donors can be a painful exercise without a simple & straightforward interface to receive the donations.

Fortunately, Salesforce Batch Gift Entry functionality streamlines the process & makes it straightforward to receive a wide variety of donations (for example from an Alumni Fundraising evening). Track donations back to campaigns to view return on investment & allocate funds to General Accounting Units to monitor fundraising performance.

Payment Scheduler

The Gift Entry Manager Payment Scheduler provides simple functionality to structure donations & receive them over time. Define the number of payments to made by a donor (i.e. pledges), the frequency of payments, payment method etc.

The Gift Entry Interface provides functionality to schedule payments as well as functionality to capture soft credits, in-honour & in-memory payments, matching gifts etc.

General Accounting Units (GAUs)

Being able to allocate donations to specific fundraising pots or funds is a crucial element of fundraising operations. General Accounting Units provide this functionality & can be integrated further with 3rd party accounting systems via the ledger functionality.

Payment Service Provider Integration

At Creation Technology we understand that structuring the payment (i.e. donation) is only one step in simplifying the donation process.

We have integrated Salesforce Education Cloud & Gift Entry Manager with Payment Service Providers (PSPs) such as WorldPay Online, Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal for clients & have built custom interfaces to receive payments from online donation webpages & set up direct debits with complete automation.

To speak to us regarding implementing Salesforce Gift Entry Manager or Salesforce Education Cloud please submit your details using the form below or call 0044 (0) 0208 735 4270.

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