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Salesforce for Consulting Firms – Lawyers – Accountants – Recruitment Agencies

Salesforce Solutions for Professional Service Companies

Professional Service firms have lots of things to manage. From Marketing to Lead Conversion, Account & Contact Management, Opportunity Conversion, Project Delivery, Resource Management, Invoicing and more… a single joined up system is the only way to stay productive… and profitable.

At Creation we help Professional Service Firms such as IT, Marketing & Management Consultants as well as Lawyers, Accountants & Recruitment Agencies to utilise the power of the entire Salesforce Platform.

We have custom built Salesforce components for Professional Service Firms that help to extend functionality & accelerate adoption.

Professional Services Sub Sectors

  • Salesforce for Consultancies
  • Salesforce for Legal
  • Salesforce for Accountancy
  • Salesforce for Recruitment

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Lead & Opportunity Management

We help Professional Service Firms to access powerful functionality to segment prospects, quote effectively, mirror workflow processes to there business, create tasks & activities, add documents to records securely all directly from your Salesforce CRM. Generate more leads & close deals faster with Industry leading sales tools from Salesforce, the world’s no.1 cloud CRM provider.

Visually manage Leads & Opportunities with Kanban boards & on-page visualisations that surface key insights at the point of use.

Project Management

Generate Project Records in Salesforce once an Opportunity has been closed won. Allow your whole team to deliver against the Project using custom workflows, document management, in-built collaboration & communication tools, notes & files. Deliver one off or multiple projects for the same client & gain a central 365-degree view of every interaction with the business.

Alternatively integrate with Project Management 3rd Party Tools such as Jira, Slack etc. Record time & expense against project records & directly bill from Salesforce. Fully integrate with XERO, Sage & QuickBooks.

B2B Marketing Automation

Our Salesforce Services allow businesses to generate more leads by marketing more effectively to prospects via Pardot. Drive traffic from social channels, convert prospects with dynamic landing pages, focus on high value prospects with lead scoring & nurture prospects on mass with personalised engagement email campaigns.

Creation also offers Development on Demand customers additional digital marketing consultancy to support development of case studies, assets etc.

Time & Expense Management

We have built customisable time & expense management technology directly onto the Salesforce Platform & accessible via Communities. Easily detail time spent directly against Projects & generate client burn reports. Directly integrate Invoicing in Salesforce with accounting systems such as XERO, Sage, QuickBooks, FinancialForce etc for finance management.

Add time & expense records to Projects from wherever you are in the world using Salesforce Mobile on Phone, Tablet or Desktop.

Client, Partner & Employee Community

Extend functionality in your Salesforce Org directly to Clients & Partners using Salesforce Communities. Share Project records with Clients as you wish to save time & aid collaboration. Only provide clients with access to the records, fields, documents that you wish. Allow clients a simple & secure way to share confidential documents with your business via Community Login.

Build closer connections with key clients by providing marketing assets such as briefing documents, white papers, intelligence papers etc.

AppExchange Apps is surrounded by a Community of Developers who provide users with pre-built functionality & integrations accessed via the AppExchange. Hundreds of thousands of Apps exist on the AppExchange for every use imaginable including; eSign Apps, Jira, Trello, Slack, Telephone Integration, Video Conferencing, Marketing Automation, merge functionality for contracts etc

In addition to this Salesforce comes with out of the box Email & Calendar Integration for Google GSuite & Microsoft Outlook.

The Salesforce Platform

Salesforce is the undisputed leader in cloud CRM. Companies from Enterprise to SMB use Salesforce to power their business & to access leading tools made available to everyone as part of their platform license. There are 3 major Salesforce releases each year meaning the platform is constantly updating and you are always up to date with the latest technology.

Access platform functionality including; tasks, approval processes, workflow rules, open APIs, validation rules, flows, process builders & more!

Salesforce for Professional Services

To find out more about our Salesforce for Professional Services Solution simply complete the form & a member of our Professional Services team will get in touch to discuss your Company’s specific requirements.