Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA)

EDA is a Data Model specifically designed for Universities

Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA) is a data model designed for Higher Education Institutions such as Universities.

It provides a framework for a University’s Salesforce Org and a common structure which can be customised and personalised to a University’s specific needs.

Out of the box, Salesforce includes a standard B2B data model and this structure is not suitable for Higher Education Institutions.

Prior to Education Data Architecture, Universities used to activate Person Accounts (which are irreversible) and create custom objects to enable functionality.

This led to many organisations going in different directions which is why a common structure was required, hence the development of EDA.

At Creation we are experts in Education Data Architecture as well as the packages that sit on the framework, e.g. Salesforce Gift Entry Manager (GEM).

We help Universities implement Salesforce Education Cloud using best practice and are developing apps which sit on EDA to provide more functionality.

EDA Account Model

Education Data Architecture includes a different account model to the out of the box functionality from Salesforce.

In the traditional B2B world the ‘Account’ (e.g. Organisation) is at the centre of the world however in Higher Education the ‘Contact’ is at the centre of the world (e.g. Student, Alumni).

To satisfy both Universities & the technical structure of Salesforce, ‘Contacts’ in EDA are tied to ‘Administrative’ accounts and these Contacts can then be affiliated or related to other Accounts and Contacts.

This way Universities can easily create connections between records in a way that is not normally possible.

The Benefits of EDA

EDA provides Universities with out of the box functionality to gain a 360-degree view of students and provide a holistic education experience.

At Creation we work with Universities to manage the end to end journey on Salesforce, including; Recruitment, Admissions, Student Experience, Fundraising, Advancement, Marketing Communications, Business Services, Events, SIS.

We use EDA as the foundation for this work so as to future proof a customers org and allow them to benefit from new products and functionality in the roadmap of both Salesforce and Higher Education App Builders.

EDA Entity Relationship Diagram

The below diagram shows the current Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for EDA.

It includes a Higher Ed specific Account Model, Affiliations, Relationships, Program Enrolments, Course Connections.

Education Data Architecture ERD

ERD Diagram for EDA

New Functionality from Salesforce & App Builders

It is crucially important to align with EDA to benefit from future functionality from both Salesforce and App Builders such as Creation Technology.

Organisations are building functionality for the EDA framework to fill the gaps in the Education Cloud product and to make it the number 1 choice for Universities looking to move to the cloud.

Implement EDA for your University

Are you looking to implement Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA)? If so Creation Technology can help.

We work with Enterprise Clients to implement EDA and build out functionality across multiple departments within a University.

We have huge experience with Salesforce for;

  • Enquiries, Admissions and Recruitment
  • Events and Online Courses
  • Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Alumni & Advancement (leveraging Gift Entry Manager)
  • Business Services and Research & Innovation
  • Alumni Community
  • Student Placements

To speak to us about implementing Salesforce Education Data Architecture please submit your details using the form below or call 0044 (0) 0208 735 4270.

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