A CRM application is an invaluable tool. You can use Salesforce to assist in closing more deals, increasing sales, and improving your accuracy. But as well as it being a great investment for customer management, it will also play a big part in seeing more value from employees and increase productivity, to see customer interactions and progress increase.

Salesforce organises information so you can view it all in one place, on one streamlined platform. Without leaving the application, you can manage all aspects of your CRM process. For example, view contact information, see all opportunities and their stages, follow up with customers, manage tasks, track your performance, and the list goes on.

Here are 7 features of Salesforce that will increase your Productivity:

1. Real time feed

  • See what customers are up to and their activity. Salesforce compiles data and presents to the user in feed form..

2. Email

  • Respond to customers faster through Salesforce. It compiles data and synchronises with clients.

3. Leads

  • Close leads faster. Organise, track and manage leads. Salesforce allows easy lead collaboration, better account planning, and lead management with visual stages and progress.

4. Social media

  • Know your customers better; Salesforce keeps track of all existing and potential customers social media presence.

5. Task automation

  • Never miss a customer request. Salesforce automates administrative tasks, so you can keep on top of things from phone call reminders with a client, to internal tasks. Your Sales Team can then be more organised and focused on their customers and closing leads.

6. Performance

  • You can track your progress with clients through data visualisations and statistics, to see where more time needs to be focussed

7. Contacts

  • Manage all of your users’ contacts and emails, and compile data across multiple different platforms.