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Salesforce Advancement for Alumni Relations

Personalised 1:1 Alumni Communications – Drive Major Donations – Integrate with PSPs

Salesforce Advancement functionality helps University Alumni and Advancement teams to gain a true 360-degree view of Alumnus thereby enabling personalised marketing communications & helping to drive major donations.

At Creation Technology we are the leading partner in Europe with experience of Salesforce Advancement & have previously worked with clients to implement Salesforce Gift Entry Manager (GEM), Payment Service Provider Integration, Online Donation Management, fully automated Direct Debit setup & collection, Gift Aid Management etc.

To speak to a member of our Salesforce Education Cloud team about Salesforce Advancement please complete the form at the bottom of this page or call 0044 (0) 208 735 4270.

Salesforce Gift Entry Manager (GEM)

Built on top of Salesforce Education Cloud & Education Data Architecture (EDA), Salesforce Gift Entry Manager is a package specifically designed for Alumni & Advancement teams.

Once configured Salesforce Users benefit from an advancement solution that comprises management of donations & pledges, major donations, funding applications, in-kind gifts & legacy donations.

At Creation we have worked with leading Universities to customise GEM to major donation best practice & have also integrated with payment service providers & gift aid management to provide a complete alumni fundraising solution.

Payment Processing

The Single Gift Entry & Batch Gift Entry functionality of Gift Entry Manager is powerful but when hooked up with Payment Service Providers it becomes a complete solution.

At Creation we have created custom online donation webpages for Universities & have integrated Salesforce Gift Entry Manager with PSPs including Worldpay Online, Stripe, PayPal etc. We have also integrated with Direct Debit Bureaus to provide a fully automated DDI authorisation & collection solution. This is particularly important to UK & European Universities who manage many long-term recurring donations.

Claiming Gift Aid on donations is also an important part of Alumni & Advancement Fundraising & we have developed functionality for Gift Aid Management.

Personalised Engagement & 360 degree view of Alumni

Personalised and automated Alumni Marketing Communications are the holy grail of many Alumni & Advancement relations teams.

The big issue in achieving this for many universities is that data traditionally sits in many different systems where it is siloed.

With Salesforce Education Cloud we are helping Universities to break down the data silos & move multiple departments onto the same cloud platform (e.g. Recruiting & Admissions, SIS, Alumni & Advancement etc). Universities benefit from a single cloud platform for multiple functions, a true 360-degree view of the Alumni (or Student) and also personalised 1:1 marketing communications (including Stewardship Campaigns) leveraging Marketing Cloud or Pardot.

Wealth Screening

Generating major donations is all about making the right approach, in the right way, at the right amount & of course at the right time. The more data you have on your Alumni (or fundraising prospect) the better as you can become more targeted in your approach.

At Creation we have integrated Salesforce with Wealth Screening Functionality to help to help drive metrics such as capacity to give, propensity to give, affinity to give. Key contacts in Salesforce are automatically updated with wealth screening data in order to segment fundraising prospects more effectively & target outreach.

Implement Salesforce Education Cloud at your University

Are you looking to implement Salesforce Education Cloud? If so, Creation Technology can help. We work with Enterprise Clients to implement EDA & build out forward thinking functionality across multiple departments within a University. We have huge experience with Salesforce for;

  • Enquiries, Admissions & Recruitment
  • Events & Online Courses
  • Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Alumni & Advancement (leveraging Gift Entry Manager)
  • Business Services + Research & Innovation
  • Alumni Community
  • Student Placements

To speak to us regarding implementing Salesforce Education Cloud please submit your details using the form below or call 0044 (0) 0208 735 4270.

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