If you haven’t come across Pardot yet, or are not sure where to begin, we have simplified it for you by listing and explaining some of it’s functions and features.

In short, Pardot is a business to business automated marketing solution, that sets out to accelerate your sales pipeline, and generate high quality leads: it is changing the norm for sales and marketing. It enables you to “create, deploy and manage marketing campaigns from one central platform.” Marketing automation is then used to automate marketing actions, for repetitive tasks such as email marketing and social media updates.

One thing that sets Pardot above the rest, is being part of the Salesforce brand. This means that it will always have the top of the line CRM and marketing technologies, and will integrate perfectly with your Salesforce Org. As they say themselves, with Pardot you can..

“..do more and stress less, by putting all of your marketing tools under one umbrella.”

A little bit more about Pardot and what it can do for you:
  • Accelerate your Sales and Marketing pipeline with B2B marketing automation, through lead nurturing and qualification, activity tracking and alerts
  • Generate high quality leads, from high quality engagement and content
  • Create personalised, targeted emails. With dynamic content, segment your specific audience, and test the success.
  • Use the reporting function to calculate marketing return on investment. This can also be done by integrating with a number of different paid advertising platforms, including Google AdWords
  • Create specific landing pages and forms, and complete a/b testing
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce, due to being a Salesforce product
  • Pardot is easy to use, without sacrificing scalability and functionality
  • It acts as a marketing ecosystem. Connect all your marketing tools together “on one central canvas, to power smarter marketing programs”

Not only do these points show that Pardot can help you to gain the most value out of your sales and marketing activities and lead to customer success; but based on a Salesforce Pardot customer relationship study, on average, customers have seen a 34% increase in sales revenue, and a 37% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness since using Pardot.