Our Education Cloud Solutions

Salesforce Education Cloud Solutions for Universities, Business Schools & Lifelong Learning providers.

Our Education Cloud Solutions

We work with leading Higher Education Institutions to leverage the power of Salesforce Education Cloud either as a point or platform solution.

For Universities

We work with leading Universities to deliver solutions across Recruitment & Admissions, Student Services, Alumni & Advancement & Student Marketing etc.

For Business Schools

We help leading International Business Schools to run their entire organisations on Salesforce, delivering truly connected Executive Education experiences.

For International Schools

We help International Universities & Business Schools to connect their global offices on the same cloud platform, helping them to gain a single view of the customer.

For Lifelong Learning

We work with HE Institutions to provide end-to-end cloud solutions that allow them to market, sell & deliver lifelong learning services from a single platform.

Education Cloud 360

Leverage the power of the Salesforce 360 Platform to gain a true single view of the prospect, applicant, student, influencer, business contact across the Student Lifecycle.

Student Information (SIS)

Manage both your Academic Structure & Students directly on Salesforce, gaining a complete view of Academic Programs, Modules, Facilities, Classes & Academics.

Student Marketing

Provide personalised engagement with prospective Students on their preferred channel, whether that be email, phone, live chat, chatbot, SMS, push notification etc.

Recruitment & Admissions

Process Course Applications directly on Salesforce & provide prospective students with an applicant portal from which to create & submit their applications.

Student Services

We help Universities to retain Students by providing solutions to support student wellbeing, from unified advising experiences to multi-channel enquiry management.

Alumni & Advancement

We work with HE Institutions to delver Alumni & Advancement solutions across fundraising, volunteering, alumni comms, mentoring, benefits, events etc

Business Services

Provide Business Services teams with a CRM that works seamlessly across both academic & non-academic teams. Gain a true 360 view of customers & break down silos.

Faculty & Staff Experience

Reimagine the intranet by using Salesforce to provide staff with a platform to collaborate across teams. Drive employee productivity & enable working from anywhere.

HE Events Management

Manage simple & complex HE Events (such as Open Days, Applicant Experience Days) directly on the Salesforce Platform. Deliver a single events solution across many teams.

Marketing Communications

Deliver personalised 1:1 Marketing Communications at scale & across any channel with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Engage your HE audience using the latest tech.

Einstein Chatbots for HE

We work with leading Universities to roll out AI enabled Chatbots to help students, applicants & prospects across admissions, student services & advancement.

Admissions Connect

Our expert Salesforce Consultants can implement Salesforce Admissions Connect for Universities & HE Institutions looking to process course applications on Salesforce.

Student Success Hub

Our Salesforce Consultants can help you implement Salesforce Student Success Hub (formerly Salesforce Advisor Link) to support Student Wellbeing & improve retention.

MyTrailhead for HE

Use MyTrailhead to create a personalised version of Trailhead that can be used as an enterprise training asset across your institution, whether for Students or Staff.

Mulesoft Integrations

We help Universities to surface data from legacy systems into Salesforce using MuleSoft. Data can then be used to support & engage students across the University lifecycle.

VLE Integrations

Integrate Salesforce with your Virtual Learning Environment (Canvas, Blackboard) to simplify student onboarding & off-boarding. Surface data from a VLE into Salesforce.

SIS Integrations

Integrate Salesforce with your Student Information System (e.g. Tribal SITS) to connect Student Recruitment & Marketing. Surface data from a SIS into Salesforce.

Multi Channel Enquiries

We help HE Institutions to adopt multi channel enquiry management functionality to receive, action & automate enquiries from prospects, applicants, students etc.

Payment Integrations

Integrate Salesforce with Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to facilitate payments via Card, PayPal & Direct Debit. Accept payments for courses, donations, event tickets etc.

HE Communities

We help HE Institutions to create Communities that support applicants, students & alumni using Salesforce Experience Cloud. Retain all data on a single CRM platform.

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