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OnLegal for Salesforce

OnLegal is a solution built on top of the Salesforce Platform & designed for Legal firms. It provides a customised Legal CRM structure & also includes functionality for Matter Management.

The power of Salesforce is the ability to customise the environment to the needs of the business, rather than adjusting the business to the way the system operates. OnLegal provides an accelerator to jump start adoption of Salesforce for Legal, however further customisation is required to truly drive success for a customer.

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OnLegal for Salesforce Features

OnLegal provides functionality across Legal CRM & Matter Management. When hooked up with Marketing Cloud or Pardot Legal Firms can deliver personalised communications at scale from a single cloud platform.

Legal CRM on Salesforce

Customised functionality for Legal Firms to manage new client intake, account & contact management, client onboarding & compliance, document management etc.

Matter Management

Manage Matters on Salesforce & build in automations to drive efficiency. Includes matter management, matter tasks, stopwatch, time, expense, fee earners.

1:1 Marketing Communications

Deliver personalised & automated communications to prospective and current clients based on activities in Salesforce. Leverage Marketing Cloud & Pardot.

Intake Management

Manage client intake from web & social channels as well as calls, drop ins. Customise the intake process to the practice area in question to save time & improve service.

Client OnBoarding

Create a customised on-boarding process for each practice area. Include compliance checks, document management, custom workflow, tasks, custom fields etc.

Document Templates & Management

Generate a wide range of client documents directly from Salesforce in relation to Legal CRM or Matter Management. Note: requires an additional merge app.

Onboarding Web Forms

Create custom web forms to collect service specific information in an automated way. Schedule client reminders. Use Community Cloud for secure comms.

Matter Task Management

Manage & assign tasks related to specific matters. Add communications, documents, complete custom fields & information etc. Record time & expense against tasks.

Time & Expense Recording

Record basic time & expense information against Matters & Matter Tasks. Use the stopwatch feature to record time & bill based on minimum billing increments.

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The Legal Tech Movement

The entire Legal Industry has massive scope for technological improvement using the latest cloud technologies from organisations such as Salesforce.

Salesforce can form the centre piece & data store for client and matter management. Communities can be used to work effectively with clients, partners & employees. The latest marketing communication technology can drive personalised communication with clients in a way not previously achievable. AI & machine learning can be used to gain insights & complete routine tasks in an automated way.

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