Pardot B2B Marketing Automation

Accelerate your sales and marketing pipeline

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What is Pardot?

Pardot is a Salesforce B2B Marketing Automation platform. It enables you to streamline your sales and marketing activity, create targeted and personalised email marketing campaigns, generate higher quality leads, and accelerate your sales pipeline through lead nurturing. Being a Salesforce powered product, it enables your sales, marketing and CRM all under one streamlined & centralised umbrella. 

Who uses Pardot?

Pardot is the marketing automation solution specialised for B2B companies.
Within these companies, it is beneficial for sales and marketing teams who want to streamline their activities, generate higher quality and better leads, as well as produce more effective marketing materials.

What Implementation packages do we offer?

We offer Pardot Quick Start & Pardot Managed Service packages. With these, we help companies leverage the entire platform, to drive sales and marketing automation. Our solution will get you started with automating and optimising you marketing and sales processes, helping you to increase sales and boost efficiency.

Interested in adding Pardot to your Salesforce platform?

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