Salesforce Education Cloud for Universities

Student Marketing – Recruitment & Admissions – Student Success – Alumni & Advancement – Business Services

Salesforce Education Cloud for Universities

We work with leading Universities to leverage the power of Salesforce Education Cloud either as a point or platform solution.

Student Marketing

Provide personalised engagement with prospective Students on their preferred channel, whether that be email, phone, live chat, chatbot, SMS, push notification etc.

Recruitment & Admissions

Process Course Applications directly on Salesforce & provide prospective students with an applicant portal from which to create & submit their applications.

Student Information System (SIS)

Manage both your Academic Structure & Students directly on Salesforce, gaining a complete view of Academic Programs, Modules, Facilities, Classes & Academics.

Student Services

We help Universities to retain Students by providing solutions to support student wellbeing, from unified advising experiences to multi-channel enquiry management.

Alumni & Advancement

We work with HE Institutions to delver Alumni & Advancement solutions across fundraising, volunteering, alumni comms, mentoring, benefits, events etc

Business Services

Provide Business Services teams with a CRM that works seamlessly across both academic & non-academic teams. Gain a true 360 view of customers & break down silos.

A Single Cloud Platform

Universities typically have many different departments & each department may use a number of different tools & technologies to manage what they need to do. This leads to staff members on entirely different systems and customer data retained in many different systems.

We help Universities to move away from ‘siloed’ systems & towards a single cloud platform that provides a single 360 degree view of the customer based on their activities, engagement & interactions.


A True 360 Degree Customer View

We help Universities to gain a true 360 degree view of the Customer, whether that be a prospect, applicant, student or alumni.

We can implement a single Salesforce cloud platform that supports multiple functions & business areas. Gain a true 360-degree view of the Student, deliver personalised marketing at scale & integrate with on-premise & cloud systems.

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