Salesforce for High Growth Startups

Growing a start-up from an idea into a viable company is much easier when you have the right software backing you up. Salesforce helps your business scale rapidly & adapts as you grow.

We can help you grow your Start-up rapidly

At Creation Technology we are not Salesforce Consultants, we are Business Consultants who use the power of Salesforce & other technologies to help companies get to where they need to go. A well thought out CRM is an essential part of helping your business grow. Add in Marketing Automation to increase lead flow & Customer Service Software as you add customers to support your business in an efficient & scalable way.


Use Sales Cloud to close more deals for your business. At Creation Technology we implement Sales Cloud for companies of all shapes & sizes, especially high growth start-ups. Our solutions include quick start for rapid deployment, full scale Implementation for larger businesses or Development on Demand.


At Creation we work with customers to implement Salesforce’s Pardot B2B Marketing Automation tool. Drive social, SEO & PPC traffic to landing pages to convert into prospects. Nurture using engagement campaigns & score prospects to save time. Only focus on those prospects that are truly sales ready.


Manage customer support cases directly from Salesforce. Gain a 360-degree view of the customer by bringing together sales, marketing & customer support information. Activate web to case or set up customer support communities to provide self-service functionality. Reduce the burden on your support team with

Integrate with SAAS Products

Sales, Marketing & Support technologies are based on Salesforce… your SAAS product is built on a bespoke system. Integrating both of these allows you to automate hand off between sales & delivery. Provision free trials, tie in with marketing automation etc.

Drive License Renewals

Easily set up workflow & automation rules to automatically generate renewal opportunities in your system. Assign opportunities to the right sales person & ensure that they have a 360 degree view of support cases, upsell opportunities etc.

Manage Contracts & SLAs

Customer contracts for SAAS licenses can be complicated. Use Salesforce to manage Contract details, license options, upsell opportunities & renewals. Ensure that you always deliver in line with customer expectations & client specific Service Level Agreements (SLA)s.

Nurture Leads & Prospects

SAAS Businesses often generate thousands of Leads. The challenge is being able to focus sales resource only on those prospects actively looking to buy. With Pardot, set up lead nurture campaigns to automatically nurture the 80% of prospects not yet ready to buy.

Integrate with Finance Systems

Streamline operations by integrating Salesforce with accounts & finance systems such as XERO, Sage, QuickBooks, FinancialForce etc. Generate & send Invoices directly from Salesforce to reduce duplication & maintain a 360-degree view of the customer.

AppExchange Apps is surrounded by a Community of Developers who provide users with pre-built functionality & integrations accessed via the AppExchange. Hundreds of thousands of Apps exist on the AppExchange for every use imaginable including; eSign Apps, Jira, Trello, Slack, Telephone Integration, Video Conferencing, Marketing Automation, merge functionality for contracts etc

In addition to this Salesforce comes with out of the box Email & Calendar Integration for Google GSuite & Microsoft Outlook.

The Salesforce Platform

Salesforce is the undisputed leader in cloud CRM. Companies from Enterprise to SMB use Salesforce to power their business & to access leading tools made available to everyone as part of their platform license. There are 3 major Salesforce releases each year meaning the platform is constantly updating and you are always up to date with the latest technology.

Access platform functionality including; tasks, approval processes, workflow rules, open APIs, validation rules, flows, process builders & more!

Salesforce for SAAS Businesses

To find out more about our Salesforce for SAAS Business Solution simply complete the form & a member of our Salesforce team will get in touch to discuss your Company’s specific requirements.