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What is Salesforce Integration?

It is very likely that your business uses other systems outside of the Salesforce Platform. But with Salesforce integrations, we make it easy to integrate your Salesforce CRM with ERP and other applications that help you to run your business.

Who is this for?

Any Salesforce user who wants to integrate their business processes with Salesforce to create one streamlined and centralised platform, that is more than a CRM.

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What can you Integrate with Salesforce?

You can connect to Cloud, Mobile, & Social applications to streamline and automate your business. Check out some integrations we have completed for clients:

IQ Inbox

Link your email inbox with to create leads, accounts, contacts & opportunities all from an email you send or receive. Log email and communications against the corresponding record in Salesforce – from your emails.

Mailing & Marketing

If you are using alternative marketing and mailing software outside of Salesforce, these can be integrated to centralise your business activities. You can then see all information about campaigns & associate them with certain contacts or accounts, and so much more.

Accounting Software

Integrate your accounting software and manage all through Salesforce. For example, if you are using Sage or XERO, these systems can be integrated, allowing all activities to be carried out in one Platform.

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